2017 recap: Long time no blog

Since coming back to New York City early, I’ve had wonderful, delicious time all to myself, time to rediscover who I am without running from thing to thing, stretching myself thin. I’ve been luxuriating in the utterly mundane pleasure of having a fridge full of fruit, scrubbing things back to sparkly clean, and getting lost […]

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On horizons {Letters to July 7}

Dear July, Two Youtube videos today have struck me and stuck with me. I don’t have words for what is happening in the world. Luckily, Nathan Zed does. I’m trying to remember his words, “Just don’t lose hope. For the sake of our future generations, just don’t lose hope.” The second Youtube video reverberating in my soul […]

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Reunited {Letters to July 6}

Dear July, Look how cute we are. It’s great to be back! Hello baked potato soup at Panera. Flying back was really hectic because all of my connection time was spent waiting in lines (3 hours in Shanghai, 1.5 hours in Detroit). I don’t know if I’d rather have long lines and zero wait time at the gate, […]

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On Teaching {China Thoughts 2}

I’m supposed to have 100 papers graded by tomorrow morning… so here’s an update on what I’ve been up to in the classroom! I have three writing and two speaking classes, and the best part is that they’re all English majors, so everyone is genuinely interested in learning English! The university I’m at is fairly top-tier in China, at least from what I’ve […]

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5 Fun Ways to Learn Japanese!

I forgot I wrote this blog post a while ago about some fun ways that have helped me learn Japanese. It’s all about using the language in context to communicate with people, while having fun! 1. LINE messaging app This is the social media app of Japan. You can practice your Japanese by texting in Japanese, posting status […]

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10 ways living in Japan makes you talk like a weirdo

Originally posted on Ampers & Ampers:
1. You can’t stop using useful Japanese words. 2. Everything is natsukashii. 3. You forget what words aren’t English. 4. You simply forget English words. 5. You use Japanese particles in your sentences. 6. You use Japanese English. 7. You talk to yourself in Japanese. 8. Your answers become more vague. 9. You make lame bilingual puns. 10.…

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Letters to July {1} A new start

Dear July, You’re back for your annual visit. I didn’t complete the goal of writing a letter to you everyday last year, so I thought I’d try again (except I missed the first few days already). Anyway I’ll do my best this time to make time & reflect on my last month as an ALT in Japan. Wednesday […]

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